Letter from the Editor

By Claire Stalhuth

At the venerable age of 17 I have been featured in the local paper a total of three times. I remember each of them, and each “accomplishment” brought me closer to the realization that I could have indeed peaked too soon.

My first 15 minutes of fame occurred after a trip to the Library with my beloved babysitter Matt, and I was wading knee deep into the Boulder Creek, valiantly proving my honor as the only girl able to stand the shock of glacial melt off. This all took place, of course, before the creek became the stomping grounds of the seemingly skunk-sprayed stoners we Coloradans know so well. Having unlocked my inner power to withstand the chilly streams of water, I did what a local reporter and her photographer found to be ground-breaking: I picked up rocks. If you were unable to detect my sarcasm in the previous statement, please allow me to inform you I am in no way the proud victim of a fluff piece. The pigtails were probable, the just-lost-a-front-tooth lisp definite. I’m not exactly saying I was taken advantage of to fill in space in a newspaper on the brink of facing the crippling reality of cyber news, but even as a kindergartener, it did feel a little degrading being placed in a column alongside the new penguin at the zoo. Now, had four year-old me responded to the reporter’s questions with “well you thee here Cathy, we have the sthedimentary layer of rock, and judging by the amount of sthand sthone, I think sthese thsamples have come here from Lyons,” it would have made complete sense to further investigate this geologist prodigy. Interview this generation’s Mozart of earth science? Yes! Interview your average kid whose sole talent is standing in water and picking up the nearest tangible item near them? Not so much.

I will spare you the hyperbolic prose required to tell the tales of the other times I was senselessly featured in a newspaper– when I used an icicle to cool down my chicken noodle soup and when I was misquoted in the Boulder Weekly at the farmers market about fava beans (Silence of the Lambs reference and all). I am telling you this not as a published pat on the back, but to explain why I wanted to start a paper in the first place. I am sick of the fluff pieces. I am tired of being only considered a fun feature in a column. I, like all our fellow high schoolers, have a voice and have things so say. So it’s about damn time we had a venue in which to do so.

I’m not saying The Boulder High Times will be be entirely devoid of light/feel good stories, in fact those human interest stories can be the most genuine and fun to produce. But we also are going to feature editorials in which students articulate their own thoughts and opinions on their own terms. I have become near-infamous for explaining the premise of such pieces as “so what burns your biscuits?” And in recent meetings the answers have been underfunding of the arts, classicism, the persistent underrepresentation of girls in STEM fields, the oxford comma, the mind games of college applications, cultural appropriation, and yes, even literal scalded baked goods.

We are here to inform, entertain, and debate. We have resurrected the paper to give students a platform to do so. So if you see Ruth and I hunched over laptops in the library or cafeteria, debating on an editing choice or cursing out our free, janky website service, come on over and tell us what you want to hear. Or even better: Write it.

BVSD Microphones: Reasonable upgrade or unnecessary and wasteful spending?

By Paola Iannetta

It was far easier to nap in class to the dulcet tones of Mr. Vacca’s cat videos prior to the arrival of the OSHA approved microphones. The days of catching up on sleep with a sweet little nap in class to the incessant rambling of Boulder High School teachers may be a thing of the past, as BVSD ushers in a new generation of audio enhancement products. All of our favorite educators may no longer have to use their “teacher voices” to be heard. Each and every one of them has been gifted an expensive new microphone to save their vocal chords and wake their students in every lecture, at least those who choose to use them. An anonymous freshman stated “I like the new microphones. I am a quiet person and I am often told to speak louder. With the new microphones, I don’t have to.” Continue reading “BVSD Microphones: Reasonable upgrade or unnecessary and wasteful spending?”

2018 BHS School Musical: SideShow

By Akasha Brahmbhatt

Going to school musicals can be fun, exciting and you’ll be singing the songs from them for weeks after. This years musical was SideShow, put on by our theater Department. This musical is a story about the famous Siamese twins, Daisy and Violet Hilton, who are discovered by a talent scout and the musical follows their journey throughout their life. I’m one who loves musicals and whenever there is an opportunity to see one, I’m there! It’s a great experience to people we go to school with on the stage singing and dancing their hearts out, and next time they put on a musicals I would definitely recommend going!

What You Missed at CWA

By Alysa Rogers

After months of planning, CU hosted the 70th annual Conference on World Affairs
during the second week of April. Impressive panelists from all over the globe came to participate
in discussions on the world’s most pressing issues and solutions to them, including things like
global warming and world hunger. Boulder High itself had the opportunity to host four panels of
its own, designed and produced by a group of students. These panels, held on the Monday and
Thursday block days that week, were period-long discussion in which the panelists introduced
the topic, allowing students and Boulder residents to ask questions afterwards. Many were
fortunate enough to go, but don’t worry if you missed it: here are the panels and the main points
to take from each. Continue reading “What You Missed at CWA”

End of the Year Choir Concert!

By: Lillian Ruelle

The end of the school year is almost here and with that our music department is going out with a bang! Our wonderful school choirs along with Centennial and Casey will be performing their last concert May 10th in the auditorium at 7:00 PM until about 8:15, the admission for students is $3 and $5 for adults. This is a big one! The overall theme is about staying hopeful in dark times and spreading a message of peace and strength. There are over one hundred students in this event. There will be a senior end of the year slideshow showcasing all of the choir memories as a “goodbye Boulder High!” This concert is super important not only for the students but for the choir instructor; Mrs. Batemen. This years New York trip was cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, which left them with a lot of songs. This concert will feature some of those songs they were meant to preform! Which goes along with the theme of  keeping our heads high and not giving up! So come show some support for awesome choir students and hear them sing!

Day in the Life of a College Student

Anna Green, a freshman at New College of Florida, works on homework outside the Humanities building before class.
Anna and one of her friends review some of the required reading for their Medieval Romance class.
After Medieval Romance, Anna stops to talk with fellow students on her way to the cafeteria for lunch.
Anna and her senior friend debate the pros and cons of various NCF dorms.
Anna talking with two friends (a senior and a junior) after lunch.
Crossing the bridge that connects the East and West sides of campus en route to the Bayfront.
Anna points across Sarasota Bay to where she lives on Longboat Key.